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Hi Angel and Ernie,

Although I have spoken with each of you about each other, I am sending this email to introduce the two of you.

Angel, Ernie has bailed me out of jams many times throughout the last several years. Best Pest Control simply is the best! They are not a huge Fortune 500 company (although they have a spiffy new website now!!), but are large enough to very comfortably treat a property the size of Mandalay. (They treat many larger accounts!) But small enough that you can deal with real live people if you have a problem. Even more awesome is that they really know what they are doing and really care. Both their techs and their office staff have excellent customer service skills. I promise I am not related to them in any way!!! It is just so rare to find a vendor like Best. So many times companies are really good for the first couple of months and then the Honeymoon is over and everything changes. I have tortured these folks for several years and they have never let me down.

I would definitely appreciate you taking the time from your ‘oh so busy’ week and speaking with Ernie so that he can get a bid into the association. He was quite surprised to hear that Arrow is only providing service ‘as needed’ and doing no preventive service at all. Let him know what is working and what isn’t. The cool thing is that he can customize a plan to work for the property.

Ernie, as we discussed, Angel is currently the onsite contact for the association management company, Apogee. Apogee manages quite a few condo associations in the area. Angel’s schedule is M-F 10-2. Also, it is probably a good idea to try and get her some info this week.

So now for phone numbers: Angel’s work cell is 727-623-4965 Ernie’s office # is 813-935-0998.

Thanks to both of you for being so awesome to work with. I am sure you will both enjoy working with each other as well!



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